Advanced cloud business development services

Tailor made projects for any business,
anywhere, for any needs

SenesiaDA has a deep expertise in developing software devices. We realize custom software solutions which work with different technologies.

For each client, we work to maximize cybersecurity, optimize speed, optimize reliability, reduce interference.

Cloud Business Applications

Cloud Business Intelligence Applications are hosted on virtual servers which are reachable via internet.

They are utilized to give companies access to bi-related information such as dashboards, KPIs, and other business analytic data.

SenesiaDA offers agile and accessible Cloud Business Applications.
Nowadays companies are turning on cloud-based tools like CRM, sales force application and up-to-date data availability.

Customer and Supplier Facing Application

A Customer and Supplier Facing Application is a software solution used by customers and suppliers to interact with your Company.
A Customer and Supplier Facing Application is aimed to support and to improve Company’s internal processes.
Another task of this software solution is to enhance customers and/or suppliers relationship improving their experience.

Example of customer facing applications.
Supplier integration: integration with your suppliers to increase process productivity.
Customer integration: to keep customers constantly informed about their needs