Cloud Business Application Development

specialized in Data Automation Solutions

Customized software solutions to improve company outcomes
and to enable clients to focus on their core business

SenesiaDA is the Software Development Company  specialized in Cloud Business Application Development which provides customized software solutions to improve business outcomes and to enable clients to focus on their core business.

We collaborate with Companies operating in different industrial sectors:

Health Care, Banking & Financial, Power, IT, FMCG, Retailing, Oil & Gas, Consumer Durables Services and more.

Cloud Business Application: expertise

SenesiaDA has any important knowledge in web application development.
Our company implements end-to-end application development projects for both established companies and emerging business.
UX design ( User Experience Design ): our web applications enhance the “user experience”: software that improves the app usability, favouring the interaction with the user.

UI design (User Interface Design): our Project Managers have a deep knowledge of graphic design, brand design and front end development.

Multidevice experience: Our web applications (projected in HTML5 & Java Script) are multidevice solutions which are designed to fit in with all kind of platforms: mobile, laptop, tablet & desktop.

Cloud business application: added value

Our Software company develops tailor made software to enable your Company to increase the competitive advantage in your business by using new software solution.

One Project Team dedicated to you:
SenesiaDA project teams have the responsibility to cloud business application development during the whole product life cycle: from the software design to the usability test.

New applications and features:
Our Engineers are constantly focusing on the innovation of your software application: we systematically develop new features to provide your company the best product.

Business intelligence solutions

SenesiaDA helps companies creating customized data solutions to improve their business.
Our software solutions are designed to retrieve, analyse, transform and report data for business intelligence.

  • ETL, Data Integration, Data Warehousing
  • Business Forecasting for Finances and Operations
  • Mobile Business Analytics Solutions
  • Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Reporting

Data Analysis

SenesiaDA collaborates with clients to help them to find a solution with their data.
We consolidate your data resources to gain new insights and enhancing your productivity, by changing different information into exact decisions.