A circular approach

to software development

SenesiaDA software development process
is divided into three steps.

Our software development process is divided into three steps.

The first step concerns the software development process: the design of the software architecture, with the list of hardware and software components.
The first step begins with a meeting with the client company to understand their needs.

  • the functions that the user needs;
  • the hardware features.

After this meeting the “first requirement document” will be provided, which will be subsequently updated.
At the same time a document will be prepared with guidelines on software development to standardize the functional and graphical features of the user interface.
Based on the first requirement document, possible risks associated with the use of the
software/hardware are evaluated in order to develop a reliable software architecture

The second step deals with the software design, the technology to use, the feature of the hardware components.
This phase is dedicated to:

  • reduce the development time of new features;
  • facilitate the software maintenance;
  • get high quality graphic design standards;
  • maximize the software usability.

During the third step, product tests and usability tests are organized to verify the software “easiness of use”.
SenesiaDA adopts a “circular approach” to software development where throughout the development process the customer continuously validates the product.